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SIA Webinar: Commercial Remote Sensing Satellites Enable Climate Action

Commercial remote sensing satellite constellations capture global data that enables scientists, governments and corporations to formulate effective data-based solutions to monitor and measure the effects of climate change. These commercial domestic datasets complement government-operated space and ground-based sensors, and dramatically improve the spatial, temporal, and spectral resolution available to scientists, researchers, and policymakers.

This panel will discuss how commercial remote sensing constellations play a key role in empowering governments, companies, and individuals with the daily data and how they can address the challenges of climate change.


Jennifer D. Hindin, Partner, Space and Satellite Group Chair, Wiley


Conor Brown, Director of Sales Engineering, Spire U.S. Federal

Karen M. Jones, Senior Project Leader, Center for Space Policy and Strategy, The Aerospace Corporation

Mark Mozena, PhD, Senior Director of Government Affairs, Planet

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