SIA Mission & Goals

SIA Mission Statement

The Satellite Industry Association promotes the U.S. satellite industry by advocating for regulations, policies and practices that encourage investment in, and the adoption of, satellite-based technologies and services.

Strategic Goals

  • Promotes satellite-based technologies and services as part of the United States’ regulatory, policy, and legislative agendas domestically and internationally;
  • Facilitates new opportunities for U.S satellite industry technology and services in the United States and global marketplaces;
  • Educates U.S. government (USG) stakeholders and the general public about the capabilities of the U.S satellite industry .
  • Builds awareness and appreciation of the U.S satellite industry to the nation’s security, connectivity, and scientific objectives;
  • Advances policies and regulations that enable a safe, secure, and sustainable space environment;
  • Pursues policies that provide long-term certainty for access to satellite orbits and the radio frequency spectrum, as well as protection from harmful interference;
  • Promotes streamlined and efficient regulatory and licensing frameworks for satellite spacecraft, services, and ground facilities;
  • Increases the availability of spectrum to meet growing user requirements, future market demands, and enable satellite innovation and investment;
  • Encourages policies and practices that promote USG utilization of satellites, services, and ground equipment;
  • Promotes policies and practices that support and reflect the role of satellite technology as part of the U.S. critical infrastructure;
  • Advocates for improvements to the U.S. export licensing and policy framework for satellites, components, technical data, and ground equipment; and
  • Promotes open and fair market access for satellite services and technology throughout the world.