SIA Working Groups

Legislative Working Group (LWG)

SIA’s LWG covers U.S. legislative affairs, holds monthly working group meetings, and holds meetings on satellite-related issues with congressional offices.

LWG Co-Chairs
Jeff O’Neil, Planet Labs PBC
Gwendolyn Brown, Lockheed Martin


Regulatory Working Group (RWG)
The SIA RWG meets monthly and covers all US and international regulatory work, including FCC, NOAA/Commerce, NTIA, and ITU. This is SIA’s most active working group and it drafts comments and replies on all relevant issues.

SIA RWG Co-Chairs
Aaron Goldberger, Amazon Kuiper
Kara Azocar, Iridium


Space Safety Working Group (SSWG)
SIA’s SSWG is working on creating industry recommendations related to Space Policy Directive 3 on space traffic management, data sharing, and radio frequency interference. This group has been very active with the Administration’s focus on space situational awareness.

SIA SSWG Co-Chairs
Jennifer Manner, EchoStar
Jennifer Warren, Lockheed Martin


Remote Sensing Forum (RSF)
The SIA RSF meets monthly and is focused on identifying issues of importance to members providing remote sensing products and services.

RSF Co-Chairs
Dennis Burnett, HawkEye 360 Inc.
Nathan Johnson, Planet Labs PBC


PR Committee
The SIA PR Committee was formed to leverage the collective public relations strengths of the Association and its Members. The group consists of marketing, PR and social media personnel from SIA Executive and Associate member companies. The goal of the group is to find ways to increase the dissemination and effectiveness of SIA’s press releases, social media posts, event announcements and other external communications.

SIA PR Chair
CaSaundra James, Intelsat