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Satellites to the Rescue – SIA Announces Publication of New First Responders Guide to Satellite Communications

Washington, D.C., July 11th, 2018 – The Satellite Industry Association (SIA) today announced the publication of an updated First Responders Guide to Satellite Communications in collaboration with satellite-industry publication Via Satellite.  The complimentary publication is available to emergency management organizations worldwide.

It provides valuable information for federal, state and local governments and emergency response organizations to plan for the incorporation and use of satellite communications and services before, during and after a disaster.  Because satellite-based solutions provide an unparalleled level of reliability and ubiquity, it is critical to consider mobile satellite voice communications, broadband data, imaging, remote sensing and other services when planning for emergencies.

“Following a devastating summer of hurricanes and wildfires which brought death and destruction to many parts of the U.S and the Caribbean, it was important to update the guide with the very latest information regarding the vital communications and services that only satellites can deliver if terrestrial-based infrastructure is damaged or destroyed,” said Tom Stroup, President of the Satellite Industry Association.  \

The First Responders Guide to Satellite Communications provides authorities in public safety, homeland security, and emergency response planning with basic information regarding the coordinated use of satellite services into the preparations for both natural and man-made disasters.  We were pleased to collaborate with Via Satellite and Access Intelligence on updating such an important document.”

“It has been a pleasure to team up with our friends at the Satellite Industry Association to work on this guide,” said Mark Holmes, Group Content Director for the Satellite Group at Access Intelligence.  

“It goes without saying but as we live in a more volatile, and temperamental climate, the role of satellite is only going to increase in importance.  A guide like this is now more important than ever.  We hope you enjoy the content, and it helps you make sound business decisions that could ultimately have a huge impact.  Satellites truly do make a difference and we are very proud to work in an industry that saves lives and rebuilds communities.”

A complimentary copy of the First Responders Guide to Satellite Communications is now available.  To download a free copy, please click on the following link.

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