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SIA’s Satellite Leadership Dinner is an annual, members-only event that gathers senior government officials, CEOs, and other senior executives from the satellite industry for this flagship event intended to underscore the dynamic role that satellite technologies play in the nation’s economy and defense. At the dinner we host approximately 200 senior Administration officials, agency experts, Congressional staff, and Members of Congress as well as representatives of the leading companies engaged in every aspect of the satellite industry in the U.S. and around the globe.

At the dinner, SIA presents its Satellite Leadership in Government Award, awarded government employees or members of Congress who demonstrate leadership in issues affecting the satellite industry. The Satellite Leadership in Government Award has been awarded to twelve people, including: Richard Beaird; Brian Nilsson; Jonathan Adelstein; Major General Ellen Pawlikowski; Telecoms Sans Frontieres; General James Cartwright; Ambassador Richard Russell; Representative Ellen Tauscher; Maj. Gen. James B. Armor Jr.; Senator Ted Stevens; Admiral James O. Ellis Jr.; Tom Tycz; and Lt. Gen John W. Raymond.